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Holes-Diary of a Sex Educator

on Jul 12, 2013 | Diary of a Sex Educator Sexual Health STDs/STIs | 0 comments

Emily DubermanI know what you may be thinking but no-not those kinds of holes! I’m talking about the holes in the healthcare system. Practically all my calls are from people who have already been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection but don’t know what to do next.

For example, with herpes, the caller may know about the outbreaks and what medicine to take but they don’t know what life after diagnosis looks like. They ask, “How will I ever have sex again?”, “Can I ever have sex again?”, “Will everyone reject me now?” Half of my callers asking about herpes are crying. In most people, herpes is a mild skin condition and with the proper steps, chance of transmission can be very unlikely.

So what creates this huge fear of sex and sexually transmitted diseases? The culprit: Misinformation! Sex and sexuality are a large part of life and if your healthcare provider or your teachers or your parents are not going to give you correct information-find it for yourself. No, not on Yahoo! Answers. And stay away from basically any site with a “.com” on the back unless it’s obviously written by health professionals. Stick with “.gov” or “.org” sites (unless they have an obvious political agenda).

I want you to find the right information. The last thing I want is for people to fear sex or feel guilty about their sexuality. Embrace it! Go forth and be educated! And hey-why not start with this site first?

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