Drinking, Sex and a Healthy You!

February 1, 2017

By Charles HassellUSA Today

Most people reading this have probably had a drink before. And you have probably had sex. In fact, there’s a pretty good chance you have done those two things on the same night! Most people are looking to do two things on a night out:

1)    Have fun with friends.

2)    Have a romantic experience.

It’s completely natural to go out for a night, have a few drinks, and find yourself talking to an attractive person. When those drinks kick in there may be some action to go along with the talk. You start dancing, getting more confident; we’ve all been there.

While the drinking age is 21, this drinking-and-feeling-sexy behavior can even begin at younger ages. In many countries the legal drinking age is lower than in the U.S. and some argue that is better, because there is less of a societal “taboo” around drinking. No matter how you slice it, no matter where you go, it’s not uncommon for humans across the spectrum to mix looking for love with having a drink in hand.

The big problem with mixing drinking and sex is that alcohol impairs judgment. This could mean our sexual common sense drops a bit and leads to decisions we normally might not make, including having sex without protection. making decisions that aren’t the best.  Sleeping with someone you wouldn’t otherwise. OK, a little embarrassment, maybe some hurt feelings. But the real dangers have to do with unsafe sex. Imagine for a second…

You’re looking for love at a party. After a fun night of drinking and dancing you find yourself back at your place with a hottie who wants to have sex- but one catch: your new squeeze prefers it with no protection (like a condom) or maybe neither of you thought to bring any. You both really want it…normally you’d say “No way!” but with the alcohol swirling along with your desires…maybe just this once? That’s why it’s a good idea to buy and carry condoms, and keep some on hand.

Have fun but be smart. And don’t be fooled by these myths:

  •      Myth: Sex Isn’t Fun With A Condom. If you are relaxed, with someone you are attracted too, sex is going to be fun. Plus condoms can help some guys last longer. You know what’s really not fun? Regretting unprotected sex later.
  •      Myth: Condoms Don’t Work. When used consistently and correctly, condoms are very effective at preventing STIs and unwanted pregnancy. They work!
  •      Myth: Just This Once Is OK. It only takes one time!

Websites like ASHAsexualhealth.org will give you the info you need to keep it real, keep it safe, and to stay in charge of your sex life. Please, by all means, go out and have fun. Meet your friends, grab a cold beer, enjoy it wrapped in your favorite koozie. Nothing wrong with drinking, laughing and having a good time. And if you decide to have sex with someone, enjoy that too! Wrapped in your favorite condom.

One great way to stay safe out on the town- and back in the sack- is to talk to your partner. For help starting the conversation, check out these videos:


Also, here’s a short, fun video with more information about condoms: http://www.sexualhealthtv.org/all-about-condoms









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