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Make Your Voice Heard

You can help ASHA make the case for sound sexual health policy by contacting your elected officials. The most effective communication remains the personal message, whether by a visit, letter, or phone call from a concerned constituent.

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Legislators are real people, elected by you to represent your interests. Most are extremely personable and will genuinely enjoy meeting you. Appointments can be arranged by calling or writing the legislator’s district or Washington office. District offices are listed in your local phone book. Always identify yourself as a constituent when asking for an appointment. If the legislator is unavailable, the appropriate staff person may offer to meet with you—don’t pass up this opportunity to initiate a relationship.


A poll of House and Senate staff members asked what form of communication makes the most impression on them and the legislators for whom they work. The overwhelming response was articulate, thoughtful and timely letters from constituents. Letters should be kept short and to the point. The most effective letters tie the relevant issue to the legislator’s home state or district. If you know how STD funding levels, or block-grant proposals will impact your facility, program or clinic, be sure to include this information in your communication.

Phone Calls

Unless you have a personal relationship with the legislator you are calling, ask to be referred to the staff member responsible for health issues or funding. Keep in mind that congressional offices receive hundreds of calls each day — be brief and to the point. You can always follow up with more information by mail. To reach any Washington congressional office, phone 202-224-3121 and ask for your legislator by name. District and state offices are listed in local phone books.

You can identify your senators and representatives along with contact information on the Senate and House websites.

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