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Health Policy

ASHA maintains a policy office in Washington, DC, affirming its long-term commitment to advocacy for systemic change. ASHA’s Washington office works to secure sound policy responses to the sexually transmitted infection (STI) epidemic in the areas of prevention, treatment, diagnostics, and education through efforts with policymakers and national organizations. ASHA has been successful in obtaining bipartisan support for STI programs and continues to educate policy makers about the economic, social, and public health benefits of appropriate STI policy. It works in coalition with organizations in family planning, HIV, and women’s health, as well as organizations representing people of color and faith-based groups to keep STIs on the forefront of the policy agenda. ASHA is routinely asked to provide strategy and content advice on sexual health-related issues to a variety of national organizations and also provides leadership on numerous boards and committees.

Consumer Communication and Education

Sexual Health Resource Center
Thousands of individuals contact the Sexual Health Resource Center each year looking for information and guidance that they’ve been unable to find elsewhere. The scenarios posed by our clients run a wide gamut a married couple concerned that herpes may prevent them from having children; a widower who’s wanting to know how best to talk to her new partner about HIV; a middle aged man who feels condoms are not worth using; and a parent of a sexually active teenager who does not understand the importance of chlamydia testing. Through this service ASHA continues empowering the public by providing accurate, scientifically based information and tailoring it to each individual’s needs.

ASHA’s four websites, www.ashastd.org, iwannknow.org, quierosaber.org, and www.nccc-online.org are the primary means of interacting with healthcare professionals, patients, and partner organizations throughout the U.S. Our web pages also serve as a critical means of information and support to users around the world who have difficulty accessing clear, non-biased information on sexual and reproductive health. They are regularly updated and offer news, medical information, and interactive electronic forms.

Patient Education and Support
The National Cervical Cancer Coalition, a program of ASHA’s HPV Resource Center, serves women across the country with, or at risk for, cervical cancer and HPV disease. The organization has local chapters across the U.S. that offer education and support to members.  NCCC also offers other outreach services such as the Phone Pals program, the Quilt project, and online resources to raise awareness of cervical cancer and HPV disease.

Research Study Recruitment and Referral Services
In addition to its other research capabilities, ASHA has expertise in research study support and enrollment, as well as results counseling and direct consumer response. Coupling this experience with its large range of potential study participants, ASHA successfully provided support to a research study related to HPV and low income women.