Podcast: A Sexual Awakening at 70

October 30, 2015

Gather round, gather round for tales of sexual exploration, pleasure, and a sense of freedom, fulfillment and finding oneself. This episode of ASHA’s Sex+Health podcast features a chat with Lynn Brown Rosenberg, author of My Sexual Awakening at 70: And What Led Me Here.

Here’s a tease (see what we did there?), the author herself on why an orgasm matters: “Well, It feels fantastic for one thing, but more than that, it’s life affirming. After I have an orgasm, I feel more alive, more vital, sexier, and more present. And that’s why it was worth all the effort. Whether I have a partner or not.”

Visit Lynn Brown Rosenberg online. My Sexual Awakening at 70: And What Led Me Here is available through Amazon.

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