March is Sexual Pleasure Month

It’s on! March is Sexual Pleasure Month and the focus is #PleasureIsHealthy! Pleasure has many benefits: sex helps you sleep better, reduces stress and increases happiness. Sex and orgasm actually release chemicals that our bodies love.

We can experience the benefits of pleasure with or without a partner, too, so here’s a plug for masturbation as a normal, natural, healthy practice!  There’s no one “right way” to have sex and we hope you’ll use some of our resources this month and beyond to explore the many approaches to pleasure and satisfaction we believe you so richly deserve. Enjoy!   

Sexual Pleasure 101

We’re all different. What turns you on (or off)? What are your fantasies? Take a look at our #PleasureIsHealthy overview page for tips on having great sex with or without a partner.

Sexual Pleasure beyond the Big “O”

In this episode of ASHA’s podcast we chat with Dr. Logan Levkoff on the value of pleasure not only in a relationship but as part of our overall well-being. Whether alone or with a partner, sexual pleasure is good for you!

Sex and Relationships

There are all kinds of relationships we can choose to enter. What are you looking for? Committed or non-committed? Friendly or romantic?  Our primer on sex and relationships covers the range from casual relationships to life partnerships.

Talking about Sex

This is a big one. Communication is key in getting the sex and pleasure you want and there is much to talk about with your partners. How do you start the conversation? Read on!

Your Safer Sex ToolboxTalking about condoms

Pop the latch on this toolbox and get the scoop on internal and external condoms (also known as female and male condoms, respectively), choosing the right type of lube and so much more. It’s about safer sex, sure, but we show you how these tools can add spice to your sex life and boost the pleasure factor.

Sexual Difficulties

Sexual difficulties are common for both men and women and the good news is there are solutions. ASHA’s Sexual Health TV is “must see TV” for anyone who thinks they might need just a little help. 


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