A majority of Americans (68 percent) support the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirement that employers to cover the full cost of prescription birth control as part of their health insurance plans, according to a June 2017 poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation. This support extends across political party lines, with 81 percent of democrats, 54 percent of republicans and 68 percent independents supporting this benefit.

The poll also showed that a majority oppose to exemptions to this requirement on the basis of religious or moral grounds. While a 2014 Supreme Court decision established that “closely held” for-profit corporations could be exempt from the birth control requirement if their owners had religious objections, the Trump administration has suggested expanding this exemption to include a broader group of employers who object to birth control for either religious or moral reasons. Yet more American oppose exemptions for religious (53 percent) or moral (55 percent) reasons that support them.

More detailed data on the survey, visit the Kaiser Family Foundation

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