The United States Congress designated January as Cervical Health Awareness Month. More than 14,000 women in the United States are diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer each year, but the disease is preventable with vaccination and appropriate screening.

In addition to the Ambassador resources below, you can also view the HPV & Cervical Cancer Toolkit as well as additional Cervical Health Awareness Month resources. 

What happens when you have better informed patients? You get better outcomes! Understanding Cervical Cancer Prevention educates patients about screening (and follow-up) tests and vaccines. #cervicalhealthawarenessmonth #cervicalcancerpreventionmonth  #StopHPVCancer

Cervical cancer is preventable with vaccines and screening check-ups (Pap and HPV tests). Vaccinate early, screen when recommended, and take charge of your health! #cervicalhealthawarenessmonth #cervicalcancerpreventionmonth  #StopHPVCancer

We’re all in this together! Patients, family members, and caregivers need support, resources for coping, and more than a little love. Access our #cervicalhealthawarenessmonth resources at 

Cervical cancer vaccines work! They are recommended for everyone through age 26 and can be given as early as age 9 (so protection is in place BEFORE it’s needed). #cervicalhealthawarenessmonth #cervicalcancerpreventionmonth  

Vaccines. Pap tests. HPV tests. Three tools that can block nearly every case of cervical cancer. We have the means to prevent this disease, we just need the will! #cervicalhealthawarenessmonth #cervicalcancerpreventionmonth 

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