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With reported cases of syphilis up 80% since 2018 and more than 3,700 babies born with syphilis in 2022, it’s important to learn more about this curable STI and how to protect yourself from serious health consequences.

Latest News and Updates

A couple kissing

Can I Get an STI from Kissing?

You can get STIs from kissing, but most experts would tell you that kissing—even passionate kissing with tongue—is a pretty safe sexual behavior.

An older couple kissing

STIs Are Not Just for the Young

STIs aren’t about age, they’re about sexual behavior. Older people are having sex, and they need to be thinking about sexually transmitted infections.

A person holds a pill in one hand and a glass of water in the other

Supreme Court Leaves Mifepristone Rules Alone—For Now

The U.S. Supreme Court overruled a lower court decision that would have made mifepristone harder to get even in states where abortion remains legal. But the decision doesn’t mean the court is softening its stance on abortion rights.

A doctor talks to a male patient

New CDC Guidelines Offer Recommendations On Doxy PEP

Doxy PEP involves taking an oral antibiotic after condomless sex to prevent  bacterial STIs. Research has shown that this can reduce the possibility of contracting chlamydia by 88%, syphilis by 87%, and gonorrhea by 55%.