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Condom Month Social Media Toolkit

Spice it up, wrap it up! February is National Condom Month. Elevate intimacy with the right protection. Explore the world of condoms @ #CondomMonth

Safety first, pleasure always! Celebrate National Condom Month in February. Condoms not only safeguard, but they also enhance the experience. #CondomMonth

February is National Condom Month! In addition to preventing pregnancy, condoms are an important part of the STI prevention toolbox! #CondomMonth

Wrap it up! February is National Condom Month. Condoms are fun, sexy, and can make a good thing GREAT! Learn more @ #CondomMonth

#DYK that condoms are the only contraceptives that also protect against STIs? #CondomMonth

#DYK that there are lots of condom options so you can find one that has the right fit and feel for you. #CondomMonth