ASHA offers a unique assortment of award-winning publications about HPV through its online store. Below are selected publications geared more toward individual purchase as well as a sample of patient education brochures designed for clinics, student health centers, health departments, and other healthcare settings.

For individuals

HPV in PerspectiveHPV in Perspective: An essential guide for the newly-diagnosed patient, or anyone looking for more detailed, comprehensive information than found in a basic brochure, HPV in Perspective covers all aspects of human papillomavirus infection. This booklet addresses such topics as:

. . . and more. HPV in Perspective helps the patient understand HPV, clarify emotions and questions surrounding diagnosis, and communicate more easily with health providers, friends and partners.
NOTE: This product is sold as a PDF download.

HPV News: HPV News, an online publication covering all aspects of HPV, provides information on genital warts, cervical cancer prevention,  and treatment information. It also addresses the emotional aspects of being diagnosed with HPV, offering support and advice through columns such as “Ask the Experts” and “Personal Perspectives.”

For organizations

ASHA offers an extensive assortment of award-winning publications about HPV. The products listed below are patient education materials designed for healthcare providers. Clients for ASHA’s materials include private health providers, public health departments and clinics, STD clinics, and high school and college health centers.

For a full listing of ASHA’s patient education materials on STIs, women’s health, teens and adolescents, and sexual health, please visit our online store. Below are some of materials specific to HPV.

HPV Vaccines: * 2008 National Health Information Award Winner *
HPV/cervical cancer vaccines have great potential as a public health tool. In clear language, ASHA’s HPV Vaccines gives an overview of low-risk and high-risk types of HPV and answers specific questions about HPV vaccines, addressing issues of safety, efficacy, ACIP recommendations and cost. The brochure also answers questions about vaccination for males and women over 26, the use of vaccine as treatment, and the need for continued cervical cancer screening after vaccination.

If you serve patients for whom HPV vaccination would be recommended and appropriate, this brochure is a must. Help your patients become informed to make an important decision about this new vaccine.

HPV and Cervical Cancer Screening: HPV and Cervical Cancer Screening is one of ASHA’s best-selling brochures for a reason—patients who receive abnormal Pap test results have many, many questions. This brochure helps answer these in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.
Offering both an explanation and easy-to-understand chart of the range of results from Pap tests and the implications of each, this brochure helps clarify a confusing subject for patients. It also discusses possible follow up procedures, and treatment options. HPV and Cervical Cancer Screening is an excellent time-saving resource to answer patient questions and concerns about HPV screening and cervical cancer prevention.

Questions and Answers about HPV: Questions and Answers about HPV provides an overview of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, with a specific focus on low-risk HPV and genital warts. (For more specific information on high-risk HPV, please see HPV and Cervical Cancer Screening above.)

The brochure discusses HPV transmission and diagnosis and offers a comprehensive discussion on treatment options for genital warts in accordance with current CDC guidelines. Additional topics addressed include subclinical infection, genital warts and pregnancy, and emotional aspects surrounding an HPV diagnosis.

Have Spanish speaking patients? This popular brochure is also available in Spanish.
To see our full range of patient education materials on HPV, please visit the ASHA online store. You’ll find additional materials on STIs, including posters appropriate for clinic offices, as well.

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