Ambassadors are willing to start conversations about taboo topics and are passionate about creating a sexually healthy nation. They use social media as a platform for sharing important sexual health information. Want to see what ASHA ambassadors are doing? Check out the hashtag #ISpeakSexHealth across all Social Media Platforms!

ASHA Ambassadors are sent content that they can choose to share onto their own social media platforms. This allows ASHA to expand our audience by getting sexual health information out into a variety of social networks that may otherwise never receive it! In addition, we periodically have other opportunities for people to get more involved in the work that ASHA is doing.

We have 2 specialized Ambassador programs in addition to our broader group, you can sign up for all 3 groups on SocialToaster!

HIV Ambassadors primarily receive resources on HIV prevention, treatment, testing, and stigma. They also receive resources on general sexual health topics. Check out our HIV Ambassador toolkit here. 

NCCC Ambassadors are primarily focused in HPV and cervical cancer. You can learn more about NCCC Ambassadors by clicking here.  


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