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What We Do

ASHA’s work is focused around three important objectives:

  • Educate: Be the source of scientifically-based and accessible information
  • Build Alliances: Collaborate with other organizations to expand the understanding and acceptance of the sexual health model
  • Advocate: Advance supportive changes in sexual health policy


Thousands of individuals turn to ASHA each year looking for information and guidance from a reliable source. Our many websites and publications serve as a critical means of information and support to users around the world who have difficulty accessing clear, non-biased information on sexual and reproductive health. From individuals with questions on sexually transmitted infections, to parents looking for advice on how to talk to their kids about sexual health, to patients looking for support, ASHA is a trusted resource. And with our grassroots program the National Cervical Cancer Coalition, we also offer that education and support in local communities as well.

Our education efforts extend to specific audiences beyond the general public, including healthcare providers. From the creation of continuing education programs for physicians to the development of resources such as toolkits, videos and apps geared toward providers, ASHA works to ensure that providers can offer the best sexual health care to their patients.

With their ability to reach wide audience, the media are also an important target of ASHA’s outreach. We work with a wide range of media outlets—TV, radio, print media, and popular web outlets—as a sought-after commentator on news and trends in popular culture that touch on sexual health issues, promoting positive coverage that destigmatizes the subject.

Build Alliances

We work with a number of national organizations and that share our goals of promoting sexual health issues in order to strengthen advocacy for sexual health promotion. ASHA is a key member of such entities as the National Sexual Health Coalition, the North American Federation of Sexual Health Organizations, and Cervical Cancer Free America. We also regularly bring together and consult with professionals in the field to promote better understanding and acceptance of the sexual health model.


ASHA maintains a policy office in Washington, DC, affirming its long-term commitment to advocacy for systemic change. ASHA’s Washington office works to secure sound policy responses to the sexually transmitted infection (STI) epidemic in the areas of prevention, treatment, diagnostics, and education through efforts with policymakers and national organizations. ASHA has been successful in obtaining bipartisan support for STI programs and continues to educate policy makers about the economic, social, and public health benefits of appropriate STI policy.

We work in coalition with organizations in family planning, HIV, and women’s health, as well as organizations representing people of color and faith-based groups to keep STIs on the forefront of the policy agenda. ASHA is routinely asked to provide strategy and content advice on sexual health-related issues to a variety of national organizations and also provides leadership on numerous boards and committees.

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