Condom Sizing:
Finding the right fit

If you have a penis, it’s likely that you’ve 1) measured your penis; 2) wondered “am I large or small?” and 3) probably worried about whether you’re large or small. Just like the people to whom they’re attached, penises come in all shapes and sizes (some would even argue personalities, but that’s beyond our scope here). Condoms come in different shapes and sizes as well, so anyone can find a condom that’s right for them.

Finding the Right Fit

A regular external condom—one not labeled as having a larger or tighter fit—will work for just about any penis. Condoms have an amazing ability to stretch, and can usually accommodate even the stoutest person.

Not everyone is always happy with the way a condom fits, though. One study found that while most people with penises are okay with how condoms fit and feel, a significant number reported having an issue with either the length (too long or short) or width (too loose or tight) of condoms. This is a problem because lack of satisfaction with fit is one factor associated with not using condoms.

Good thing that condoms come in a variety of styles and sizes to meet the needs of all those different people. Try different ones! Experiment! Don’t make it too complicated, as a standard variety condom will work fine for most people. But if you’re not thrilled with how the condom you’re using feels, try something different. Remember that beyond length and width, condoms have different shapes: some are straight, while other might be flared with extra room at the head, or snug at the base.

And a word about penises: Smaller ones really do work as well as larger versions, so quit fretting. A partner is probably much more concerned with how you use what you have. Remember that it’s possible to have too much of a good thing—some women, for example, find sex uncomfortable if a male partner has a very large penis. The important thing is to cover it with a condom to protect you and your partner.