HIV Advocacy

Anytime is the right time to promote HIV prevention and advocacy

Anytime is the right time to promote HIV prevention and advocacy and there are specific observations recognized throughout the year when it’s especially good to be involved. These include:

  • Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (February)
  • Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (March)
  • National HIV Testing Day (June)
  • Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (September)
  • Latinx HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (October)
  • World AIDS Day (December)

An expanded list of HIV/AIDS Awareness Days is accessible through the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s AIDSinfo site.

In addition to promoting the value of HIV testing, treatment (including PrEP), and safer sex these graphics include a selection focused on the need to face stigma head on through finding their voices, speaking up, and starting the conversation.


More than 1.1 million people in the US are living with HIV, but 1 in 5 don’t know they have the virus. Awareness is an important part of HIV Prevention. #StrongerThanHIV #ISpeakSexHealth

HIV Prevention
Condoms, testing, and PrEP are all parts of the HIV prevention toolbox. Together, we are #StrongerThanHIV #ISpeakSexHealth 
HIV testing
Confused about the when, where, and how of HIV testing? Check out these FAQs. #StrongerThanHIV #ISpeakSexHealth
Did you know that PrEp can reduce the risk of HIV by over 90%? PrEP (or pre-exposure prophylaxis) is just one pill taken once a day to protect your health. #StrongerthanHIV #ISpeakSexHealth