Sharing Ambassador Content

Thanks so much for being an Ambassador and spreading awareness on sexual health! Each month we will share a toolkit that covers topics like STI, sexual health, pleasure, awareness observation, and contraceptives. This guide will walk you through sharing a post from a toolkit onto your page!

  1. Click here to view the toolkits.
  2. Each toolkit will contain images and sample text. Here is an example from the STI toolkit
Health care providers may soon have a new weapon against drug-resistant #gonorrhea, the second more common bacterial STI reported in the U.S.  

#supergonorrhea #resistantgonorrhea #ISpeakSexHealth

  1. You can download an image sized for Instagram and Facebook or Twitter by clicking on the links to the right or below and then clicking download.
  2. Open up your social media account, copy and paste the text over (click here for copy/paste instructions for Android and click here for iPhone), add an image, and click post. The next two images show the post in progress and the finished post.
An image of a Facebook post draft
An image of a Facebook post
  1. If you need assistance with how to post on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, contact us and we would be happy to help you get started!

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