November 4th is National Sex Toy Day! these are just a few of the benefits of sex toys! Sex toys offer opportunities for self-discovery, communication, variety, and improving health. #ISpeakSexHealth #sextoyindustry #sextech #sexualhealth #sexualwellness 

Testicular and prostate cancer affect men across the lifespan. Both of these conditions pose significant health risks to men, with testicular cancer occurring more frequently in younger individuals and prostate cancer being more prevalent in older individuals. It is important to discuss screenings and examinations with your healthcare provider. #menshealth #cancerawareness #testicularcancer #prostatecancer 

International Transgender Day of Rememberance

Today and every day, we remember those lost due to anti-transgender violence 💖 🤍 💙 Transgender individuals face a devastating reality as they continue to be targets of hate crimes and transphobia on a yearly basis. The number of transgender people who lose their lives due to hate crimes is alarming. #ISpeakSexHelath #TDOR #translivesmatter #protectranskids #TransDayOfRemembrance

Join us for a discussion of Dr. Tang’s new book, It’s Not Hysteria Everything You Need to Know About Your Reproductive Health (but Were Never Told), and ask Dr. Tang your questions about reproductive health!