Americans from all backgrounds are affected by sexually transmitted infections (STIs). There are nearly 20 million new cases of STIs every year in the United States, and experts believe the majority of sexually active individuals will have one or more STIs in their lifetimes (though many cases are never diagnosed or recognized).

The American Sexual Health Association (ASHA), founded in 1914, is the oldest national nonprofit with a central mission of stopping STIs and their harmful consequences to individuals, families and communities. In an effort to fulfill its commitment to better public health, ASHA reaches out with a variety of tools: media campaigns, printed materials, community-based projects, support groups, and advocacy efforts.

We believe strongly that journalists play an important role in helping ASHA educate the public about STIs. By contacting ASHA, you can get background information on STIs or reach a content expert. If you are a journalist in need of information not found on this site, please contact Media Relations or call 919.361.3124.