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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD

Videos for HCPs

ASHA is pleased to offer a series of videos on various issues surrounding HPV, from patient counseling to HPV vaccines. Also, in a two-part series, noted researcher and leader in

Explore ASHA’s Sexual Health Resources

Explore ASHA Resources Resources for Health Care Providers ASHA offers educational materials to help providers meet the sexual health needs of their patients, as well resources to help improve patient

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Understanding Consent

Consent is an agreement that is willfully given without any external pressure or factors. In order for someone to consent to sexual activity participants must continuously communicate—before, during, and after sexual activity.

Sexual Arousal Disorder

Arousal Disorder When a woman becomes sexually aroused, her body will respond with physical changes—vaginal lubrication, swelling and tingling in the genitals. Typically, she’ll experience emotional or mental excitement as

HPV vaccines

FDA Approves a New HPV Vaccine

In December, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a new HPV vaccine, Gardasil 9® manufactured by Merck and Company. The new vaccine covers nine HPV types: the two low-risk

Comprehensive sex ed resources


ASHA offers a full catalog of brochures, fact sheets and books on sexual health, many of which are appropriate for teens and young adults. Visit ASHA’s full catalog online. AMAZE

Be an askable parent


Be an Askable Parent Educating a child about sexual health is an important part of his or her healthy development. Their early understanding of sex, love, intimacy and their own