Videos for HCPs

ASHA is pleased to offer a series of videos on various issues surrounding HPV, from patient counseling to HPV vaccines. Also, in a two-part series, noted researcher and leader in…

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STI Awareness Month

Sexually Transmitted Infections Awareness Month #STIMonth21 Each April ASHA recognizes STI Awareness Month. As was the case last year, our thoughts continue to focus heavily on COVID-19...but now we have…

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Sexual Arousal Disorder

When a woman becomes sexually aroused, her body will respond with physical changes—vaginal lubrication, swelling and tingling in the genitals. Typically, she'll experience emotional or mental excitement as well. For…

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Men’s Health Month

Each year in June we put a special focus on the health needs of boys and men. Sexual health is important across the entire lifespan and involves more than just…

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Sex+Health Podcast

ASHA's Sex+Health podcast covers all aspects of sexual health. Featuring interviews with medical professionals and experts in the field of sexuality, Sex+Health aims to offer information and resources to with…

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