March is Sexual Pleasure Month
Celebrate it with Us!

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Sex is good for you! Our bodies thrive on the chemicals released during orgasm, so a healthy sex life is part of a healthy body. We need to think of sexual health beyond the mere absence of disease: sexual pleasure and satisfaction are essential to our wellbeing.

Go solo because YOLO!

There are many ways to experience sexual pleasure, and you don’t even need a partner. Masturbation is normal, healthy, and fun! It reduces stress, is associated with better sleep, can ease discomfort during periods, and is a great way to explore what feels good to you. Just enjoy.

Embracing Pleasure and Healthy Relationships

We’ve all found it awkward when the topic of “down there” comes up. That’s no surprise, since society puts so much shame, stigma, and pressure on, well, you know… s-e-x. We don’t have to whisper about sex and pleasure, we just need to savor it!

With partners, communication is key. The way we each experience pleasure is different, and the same goes for our comfort levels and boundaries. Consent – given freely, enthusiastically, and continuously – is a must. Learn more about starting the conversation with a partner because there is much to talk about. It’s all there for you to explore: fantasies, desires, what feels good and what doesn’t.

Something else to discuss is contraception and safer sex. There are many options to prevent unwanted pregnancies, but condoms are the only one that, when used correctly and consistently, protect against pregnancy and STIs.

It’s all about finding the condom that’s the best fit. Some are snug, some fit more loosely, others have ribs and dots to enhance a partner’s pleasure. (Hmm, is there any chance caring about a partner’s pleasure might lead to more frequent and better sex? Imagine that.) Sex with condoms is fantastic and fulfilling. Don’t take our word for it: a study with men and women found that sex is pleasurable and satisfying whether condoms are used or not.

Whether sex is solo, with a partner, or both, ASHA has collected resources designed to enhance pleasure and maximize the mental and physical benefits. You (and any partners) deserve no less.

Talking Pleasure on the Podcast

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Sexual pleasure is always worth celebrating. Sex has been shown to promote better sleep habits, less stress, and more happiness. Our bodies thrive on the chemicals released during orgasm, so a healthy sex life is indeed part of a healthy body.