ASHA Ambassador of the Month: Priyanka Manghani

October 28, 2016

I believe sexual health is a very important area which we often neglect due to lack of awareness in the community regarding HIV, STIs, and various other issues pertaining to sexual health. People are skeptical to talk about sexual health, are not open about their HIV status and do not emphasize on early diagnosis and prevention. #ispeaksexhealth

–Priyanka Manghani

For January we’re proud to recognize Priyanka Manghani as ASHA’s Ambassador of the Month.

Priyanka has been an ASHA Ambassador and uses Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote ASHA’s sexual health content along with her own advocacy material. Based in India, she says the global reach of the program is one of the most appealing aspects of being an ASHA Ambassador:  “It helps me connect with zillion people who share a similar mindset! At the same time, this has made me more aware of a variety of sexual health issues which maybe I wouldn’t know about.”

Priyanka is especially keen to promote messages around safer sex and HIV/AIDS prevention and says we should make a special effort to engage vulnerable populations, including youth: “A lot of youngsters have risky sexual behaviors and are at increased risk of STI’s and unwanted pregnancies. We should have a comprehensive module on adolescent and teen sexual health.” She also believes it’s important to expand access to sexual health services for other at-risk groups including LGBT and those living in poverty, and one way to start is by ““Making people aware of the need to talk about sexual health and their sexuality, and to get tested regularly.”

ASHA Ambassadors are people who speak sexual health. A team of individuals leveraging the power of social media to get the word out about sex health, Ambassadors support our online conversations by tweeting, posting pics, sharing and ‘liking’ posts and all things social media. Learn more about the ASHA Ambassador program here.

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