Sexually Transmitted Infections Awareness Month


Each April ASHA recognizes STI Awareness Month. 1 in 5 people in the U.S. have a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and many of them don’t know it. Even when they do, it’s not always easy figuring out what to do next (or how to talk to a partner).  

Read on for all we’ve put together for you this month to help you talk to your health care provider (and partners!)  and to navigate how to test and treat, as needed. #TalkTestTreat #YesMeansTest  

Yes Means Test! 

Yes or no, sex is our choice. But the facts are clear: STI’s are common, especially among young people (half all of all new STI’s are in youth ages 15-24). YES to sex? Then #YESmeansTEST. Click here learn more about STI’s, find free and fast testing near you, and get tips on starting the conversation. 

When it comes to condoms, you’ve got options—lots of them! When you’re choosing a condom, check out the all the options available so you can find one that has just the right fit and feel for you.