A group of young girls talking

“[Girls] have told by society that sex is great but that’s not their experience. They don’t know how to talk about that disconnect, there’s a certain amount of shame that shuts down their voice….for me, sexual empowerment for girls is helping them to find a voice in their sexual relationships.”

In a compelling TED Talk video (available below), nurse practitioner Jane Epstein makes the case that our efforts are sadly lacking with it comes to talking to teen girls and young women. In this episode of ASHA’s podcast we delve deeper into the topic with Ms. Epstein on not only what to say when talking to young females about sex, but how to help them speak up for themselves.

Jane Epstein is a Yale graduate and a clinician who sees teenagers at a high school-based health clinic where, as part of comprehensive health care, she provides sexual health care including contraception services to teens.

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