Are penises getting longer?

Measuring penis length

Are penises getting longer? New research suggests the average penis length has increased over the last few decades. Does it matter?

Your Self Image and Your Sexual Health

Self image

Because sex involves both the body and the mind, our self-image can have a strong affect on our sexual health. It’s important to realize – and remind yourself every day – that just as you have a unique mind with its own gifts to offer the world, you also have a unique body that is one-of-a-kind.

Sexual Pleasure and You

Two women embrace in bed

Whether we’re attracted to the opposite gender, the same gender or both, the truth is: We learn how to experience sexual pleasure for pleasure’s sake by understanding our own sexual desires and responses.

Sexual Health Care

Sexual Health Care Taking care of your sexual health means knowing your body, understanding how it works, and being able to recognize when something isn’t quite right. It also means preventive care—like regular STI testing, cancer screenings, and self exams—that can help you find problems early and prevent serious illness. Beyond recommended screenings, you might […]

Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy

Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy Sexual anatomy typically refers to the both the external sexual organs, like the vulva and penis, and the internal organs involved in reproduction, like the uterus and seminal vesicle.  We categorize this anatomy as either female or male, but not necessarily the person. A person’s anatomy doesn’t determine their gender. Based […]

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