Oklahoma Bill Would Criminalize STIs

Oklahoma legislature

The Oklahoma House recently passed a bill making it a crime to intentionally or recklessly spread several STIs. Those found guilty would be convicted of a felony and punished with between two and five years in prison.

March is Sexual Pleasure Month—Celebrate it with Us!

A happy couple is in bed with a wheelchair nearby

March is Sexual Pleasure MonthCelebrate it with Us! Sex is good for you! Our bodies thrive on the chemicals released during orgasm, so a healthy sex life is part of a healthy body. We need to think of sexual health beyond the mere absence of disease: sexual pleasure and satisfaction are essential to our wellbeing. […]

February is National Condom Month 

Currently, condoms are the only widely available, proven method for reducing transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) during sex. Condoms work.

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