November Ambassador Updates

November 4th is National Sex Toy Day! these are just a few of the benefits of sex toys! Sex toys offer opportunities for self-discovery, communication, variety, and improving health. #ISpeakSexHealth #sextoyindustry #sextech #sexualhealth #sexualwellness  Download Image Testicular and prostate cancer affect men across the lifespan. Both of these conditions pose significant health risks to men, […]

July Social Media Toolkit

World Hepatitis Day – July 28th July 28th is World Hepatitis day. This year’s theme is “I’m Not Waiting”, encourages testing and awareness. #ISpeakSexHealth #WorldHepatitisDay,#HepCantWait  #NotWaiting  Instagram image Twitter image Today is World Hepatitis Day! Protect yourself and others from #Hepatitis by getting the facts about this infection. This year’s theme is #I’mNotWaiting. #ISpeakSexHealth #WorldHepatitisDay,#HepCantWait  […]

Social Media Posts for June

June is Men’s Health Month June is #Men’sHealthMonth! Sexual health is important across the entire lifespan and involves more than just sex! Body image, relationships, understanding sexual anatomy(and keeping it healthy) are all a big part of a guy’s overall health. #IspeakSexHeatlh Instagram and Facebook image June is #Men’sHealthMonth! Sexual health is important across the […]

How do I share Ambassador content?

Sharing Ambassador Content Thanks so much for being an Ambassador and spreading awareness on sexual health! Each month we will share a toolkit that covers topics like STI, sexual health, pleasure, awareness observation, and contraceptives. This guide will walk you through sharing a post from a toolkit onto your page! Click here to view the […]

Social Media Toolkit on Cervical Health

If you’re passionate about cervical health awareness, the resources here are for you. Advocacy around cervical health is especially relevant during national observances, including Cervical Health Awareness Month in January.

STI Social Media Toolkit

Safer sex

Want to promote sex positive messages on social media? Download and share content from our STI toolkit.

HIV Social Media Toolkit

HIV Prevention

HIV Advocacy Anytime is the right time to promote HIV prevention and advocacy Anytime is the right time to promote HIV prevention and advocacy and there are specific observations recognized throughout the year when it’s especially good to be involved. These include: Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (February) Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (March) National […]